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Also Equipped for Longer Runs Thanks to the Pantera

 Businesses investing in a fully automated Pantera Line featuring the new Muller Martini Granit three-knife trimmer can produce longer runs at high speed.
Bookbinderies for whom perfect binding is not (yet) a core business often use manual perfect binders for softcover products. That works for short runs, but is not well suited to jobs with a large number of copies. Muller Martini’s Pantera, which runs at 4,000 cycles per hour, is the ideal solution for entrants to automated perfect binding. Finishline Print Finishers, which employs 37 people, is one of the latest companies to invest in the machine. As owner Will Kilpatrick explains, there were five points that tipped the balance in favor of the solution: “The good price/performance ratio of the Pantera, its broad size range, its high production speed, PUR binding and, of course, its short make-ready times”.
The short make-ready times were an important factor for Will Kilpatrick (left), owner of Finishline, when deciding to invest in the Pantera. Center: Nick Keppie (Works Manager). Right: Martin Harrison (Project Manager at Muller Martini Great Britain).

One of the major benefits of the Pantera is the fact that it enables the flexible use of several binding methods, including PUR, which is increasingly popular. Like PUR, short-run jobs are also gaining in importance, owing to the increase in digitally printed products. The Pantera comes into its own there thanks to its short job changeover times. It is available with the Automatic Make Ready System (Amrys), which further reduces the already quick setup and changeover times.

The Pantera is ideally complemented by the new Granit three-knife trimmer, which Finishline was the first English bookbindery to invest in. The Granit ensures consistently high trim quality thanks to Muller Martini’s patented SmartPress technology, which has been tried and tested in the upper three-knife trimmer performance range. SmartPress ensures a gentle and controlled pressing procedure in which all air between the sheets of paper completely escapes, even if the product is bulky.

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