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Frey Plus Invests in a Second MailLiner

After completing a successful field test involving its first MailLiner, Frey Plus, which is based in Ulm and is one of the leading direct mail companies in Germany, will commission a second Muller Martini MailLiner gathering system in July.

According to Markus Springer, Managing Director of Frey Plus, the company has decided to invest in a second machine of the same type and with the same configuration (28 feeders plus a FlexPack bundle builder) after just one year due to experiencing increasingly varied job structures. “Since pamphlets are an attractive medium, we have growing numbers of small customers at the regional and local level. As a result, the number of different pamphlets per mailbox continues to rise.”

For Frey Plus, which does not use carriers or foils, the MailLiner – Muller Martini’s response to the minimum wage that is in effect in many countries – is particularly attractive because its innovative concept provides direct mail companies with a brilliantly simple solution for the sorting of unaddressed advertising.At the gathering line of the MailLiner, one of the inserts is used as a cover and folded using an air blade – a Muller Martini innovation – after all the other inserts have been applied.The gathered insert sets then enter the FlexPack.

Sealing the MailLiner investment (from right): Markus Springer (Managing Director of Frey Plus), Frank Schönherr (Commercial Director at Frey Plus), Bruno Müller (CEO of Muller Martini), Jürgen Bender (Muller Martini Germany), Kurt Näf (Sales Manager at Muller Martini).


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