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Main-Post media group invests in further printing towers by Koenig & Bauer

 Evolution instead of revolution

  • Commitment to newspaper print
  • Successful partnership is continued
  • Highly automated technology

Würzburg, 07-02-2018
With the purchase of two highly automated Commander CL printing towers, the Main-Post media group is resolutely pursuing its chosen path of gradual modernisation. “Piece by piece, we are upgrading our printing presses so that they represent the latest state of the art. For us, the two new printing towers also indicate our clear commitment to printed newspapers,” says David Brandstätter, Managing Director of Main-Post GmbH. The company already invested in a new folding unit in 2015. With the two new printing towers, which are due to start production at the beginning of 2019, up to 47,000 newspaper copies with 32 pages each can be printed in one hour. “Our companies are linked by a very long and above all a very good partnership.  In particular, the geographical proximity of the two companies allows a very strong exchange in terms of new developments, innovations or also practical tests,” says Claus Bolza-Schünemann, President and CEO of Koenig & Bauer AG. 135 years ago, Koenig & Bauer delivered a first printing press to the Würzburg General-Anzeiger, the precursor of today’s Main-Post.

Signing the contracts (from the left): Christoph Müller, member of the Board of Directors of Koenig & Bauer AG; Adrian Alt-Steiner, Head of Printing at the Main Post media group; David Brandstätter, Managing Director of Main-Post GmbH; Günter Noll, Sales Manager Koenig & Bauer, Claus Bolza-Schünemann, President and CEO of Koenig & Bauer AG      Photo: Daniel Peter

Innovation, growth, broad product portfolio
The first edition of the Main-Post appeared on 24 November 1945. About 1,000 people are currently working for the company, which belongs to the Pressedruck media group in Augsburg. Every day the daily newspapers Main-Post, Schweinfurter Tagblatt, Schweinfurter Volkszeitung, Hassfurter Tagblatt, Bote vom Hassgau and Volksblatt are published and printed. Thanks to third-party print jobs, the company produces more newspapers than ever before. For example, the Main-Post produces innovations such as zipper applications or large double-spread supplements in order to satisfy the wishes of advertisers.


In future, six printing towers and three folding units by Koenig & Bauer will remain responsible for the production of the print jobs. Two older towers can be shut down at short notice (spare parts supply for existing systems)


High level of automation in the field of technology

In addition to the two printing towers, the company is investing in two Pastomat reelstands and two Patras A reel loading systems. An extensive automation package consisting of RollerTronic roller locks, CleanTronic cylinder washing systems, colour register and cut-off register controls, colour measuring and control systems and fully automatic plate changing systems including plate lift reduces makeready times, waste, operating and maintenance costs to a minimum. The Commander CL is controlled via a new ErgoTronic console with EasyTronic for optimised startup of the web press.


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