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Next level Push to Stop: Systematically unlocking OEE potential with intelligent digitization


  • Focus on the “yellow bar” systematically addresses operator-dependent and process-dependent time losses
  • Heidelberg User Experience (UX) makes the Speedmaster a modern and attractive workstation
  • New Intellirun software organizes print production on the Speedmaster using an integrated approach
  • Other intelligent digital assistants support the operator and control processes autonomously
  • Machine operation on the go with the Press Center Mobile app

In a global survey of over 1,000 customers, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) identified four key areas that sum up the challenges in the print industry: increasing complexity, skills shortages, competitive pressure, and the expansion of the value chain to include digital platforms. Heidelberg has comprehensive responses for all of these areas. In the area of printing presses, Heidelberg will be presenting the most intelligent and most highly automated Speedmaster yet with the new Speedmaster generation – a smart product that integrates seamlessly into a digitized smart print shop and even into a smart organized printing industry. With the new Heidelberg User Experience (UX) on the Speedmaster, it offers a modern and attractive workstation. In addition, other intelligent assistants ensure that the machine’s productivity potential is unlocked. All models in the new generation also include Push to Stop functionalities and an interface to the Prinect Cloud as standard. This enables more comprehensive navigated and autonomous printing, which increases productivity, process reliability, and profitability. The new Speedmaster generation will go into series production from April 2020.


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