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SCREEN to “Achieve the Extraordinary in Print” at drupa 2016

Integrated imaging for innovation – SCREEN GP i3 – encompasses SCREEN GP’S presence at global event

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GP, President Katsuhiko Aoki) will present its “Achieve the Extraordinary in Print” theme at drupa 2016 (Stand C11/Hall 8a, 31st May – 10th June, Dusseldorf, Germany). At the global print and media show, the company will focus on its SCREEN GP i3 – integrated imaging for innovation – development strategy by presenting a range of production solutions that will transform the industry’s existing expectations of print. The SCREEN i3 concept embodies the market-leading speed, precision and reliability delivered by the proprietary core image processing technologies developed by the company in areas such as optics, image analysis and electronic control.

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is having a major impact on manufacturing and marketing strategies and, as a result, is influencing the printing industry. SCREEN GP will reflect this trend at drupa by presenting a wide range of value-added solutions for the production of printed products.

Combined with the latest technological advances in a strategy of open innovation, SCREEN GP i3 has enabled the company to create remarkable solutions and visitors to drupa 2016 will experience significant developments that will shape the future of the printing industry.


Commercial printing sector

The rapid development of sophisticated digital marketing which integrates online retail sites with e-marketing and social media is driving personalised printing. At drupa SCREEN GP will demonstrate the benefits of high-speed inkjet in combination with marketing automation. In a live demonstration, online web activity will drive the production of highly personalised, highly quality catalogues printed on a Truepress Jet520HD running in-line to a Horizon saddle-stitch system.

SCREEN GP will also demonstrate its continuing commitment to offset printing by presenting the latest range of its market-leading PlateRite series of thermal CtP devices. With over 22,000 units shipped, the PlateRite series is one of the international printing industry’s top brands covering every conceivable combination of format, speed and level of automation.

High value added label sector

During drupa, the world-class Truepress JetL350UV digital label press will be producing a wide range of different label applications, demonstrating the machine’s ability to reproduce incredible detail at high productivity. SCREEN GP will demonstrate a variety of new anti-counterfeiting, product tracking, security and full-colour, individual bar code printing features which are only possible when you have tight control over droplet creation and placement.

Retail sector

The rapid growth of digital marketing has led to significant diversification of consumer products which is driving the need to be able to create high-quality POP displays quickly. SCREEN GP will show the new Mark 11 version of the versatile Truepress Jet W3200UV wide format printer which prints on rigid and roll media to produce outstanding quality interior and exterior signage and POP displays.

Publishing sector

Traditional publishing methods have had to change dramatically in response to online on-demand publishing and the growing requirement to eliminate inventories, alongside the need to remain profitable. At drupa 2016, SCREEN GP will introduce various high-speed inkjet printing presses which provide a practical solution to the sequential printing of books in different sizes and page counts.


Process automation sector

Whether you are printing labels, books or transactional documents, workflow automation is vital to effective production and SCREEN’S EQUIOS software sits at the heart of inkjet production to drive each machine to its full potential. EQUIOS ensures optimal image processing for different applications and also significantly enhances productivity. At drupa SCREEN GP will outline the latest advances in process automation, work efficiency and quality which are possible when EQUIOS is used as a central hub to link individual SCREEN products and third-party systems.

At drupa, SCREEN GP launches its TRUST Network Service, a remote diagnostic and preventative maintenance solution which uses IoT technology to maximise the uptime of SCREEN products. TRUST enables real-time remote management of equipment status and operating conditions to help prevent problems before they occur and improve the overall operational efficiency of client systems.


New business sector

SCREEN is known for its core image processing technologies developed over many years in the printing industry. In this sector, SCREEN GP will introduce a number of products that have been created by expanding the applications for these technologies beyond printing.

For example, the input technologies originally designed for image scanners can now be seen in a cell analysis scanner used in drug discovery and research into regenerative medicine. The direct imaging technologies created for CtP have been repurposed for printed electronics, supporting production of circuit boards used in electronic products. In addition, the image analysis technologies used in print inspection systems are now found in the external inspection systems used in car manufacturing.

These image processing technologies are core to the SCREEN Group and SCREEN GP will continue to leverage these same technologies as it enters new sectors.


SCREEN GP has launched a dedicated drupa website which provides a preview of all products at the show, SCREEN GP i3 demonstrations and displays etc. Updated regularly in the run up to the show, the site will carry video interviews with flagship SCREEN technology users around the world, alongside advice on how visitors can make the most of their visit to drupa and the SCREEN GP stand.


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